2018 Ricky Tims Photo Class - Lauri Miller
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This is the bumblebee view of a small volunteer sunflower growing in an old half barrel planter tucked in a corner of my fenced (deer deterrent!) vegetable garden. It was challenging to get the camera in position with all the obstacles in the tight quarters. It was late morning on a hot sunny day and the wind would tease by stopping for a moment only to pick right up again so I was out with this sunflower for quite a while waiting for a still moment to come along.
I do not have a macro lens, but I do have a set of extension tubes. This was taken using my stock Canon 18-55mm lens with all three of the extension tubes in place. I liked this photograph for the repeated shapes and the dew drops. The position of the camera is closer to the left side of the flower so as you look to the right it becomes more out of focus. Should I have cropped the out of focus left edge? I chose not to because I liked the shapes that are pointing to the right in unison and didn’t want to mess with the balance of that grouping.
I don’t know if you can see it, but in the large drop at the bottom of the photograph there is what looks like a little face reflected on the left side. I like to think I had a garden fairy helping me out that day.
ISO 400, f/32, 1/13th sec. Camera was on a tripod, but tripod was also being handheld in position (I really needed that garden fairy!). I played with highlights and shadows, I bumped the exposure down a little and upped the saturation just a tad, I also used PS to fill in one small area that was overblown with white.