2018 Ricky Tims Photo Class - Lauri Miller
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LauriMiller-Footwear (Emphasis)-Wk28

LauriMiller-Footwear (Emphasis)-Wk28

This is a photo of my Dad’s old snowshoes. For supporting props, I placed them on one of his old green wool army blankets and set my husband’s furry trapper hat and some fur gloves to one side. In the background I have an old tin I really like with an old leather satchel to the right. As we are close to setting heat records it seemed a tad humorous to be using these items for my photo shoot.

For editing, I set the aspect ratio to 16 by 9 as that emphasized the elongated snowshoe shape. I also adjusted the highlights, shadows and whites. I used the burn tool in the upper right corner to tone down the light reflection on the leather case flap. I tried darkening the bottom of the photo where the wool blanket is out of focus, but I didn’t like the looks so that was discarded.

I had my camera setting on top of a set of books as my tripod. I used my Canon 50mm lens at ISO 100, f2.8 at 1/13 sec. Soon after shooting this image my large orange tabby came into the scene and cozied in next to the furry items and looked at me as if it were his turn to have his photo taken!