2018 Ricky Tims Photo Class - Lauri Miller
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It was difficult to choose only three photos to go along with my stuck location photo as I had many I really liked. I was out very early in the morning at the house my Dad and Stepmom owned (8-hour drive away from my home). I was there to make progress on clearing out a lifetime of household goods and treasures. My Dad passed July of 2016 and my Stepmom just passed May 18th so it has been a difficult time, understandably. She was an avid gardener, so I knew I would love having my stuck in place photos from a vantage point in their yard. It has been difficult to keep up with class during this time, but this challenge gave me an opportunity for a respite and great excuse to focus on the beauty around me.
I see a “Good Morning” scene with the early morning sunshine hitting the house window. I like the silhouette of the leaves on the house as well as the geometry formed with the branch shadow across the window paired the angle of the lower edge of the window. I cropped the left side of this photo very slightly.
On the little green plant I see the phlox petal which tells that there are other flower nearby even though they are out of sight. I also see the leaf of a weed in the lower right corner and know there was work to be done in this garden, I think the shadow it casts is interesting.
The panning photo is of many dill and phlox plants mixed together. The effect makes me think of a close-up of a Monet painting and I wonder what is out of the frame that I might also like to see.